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17. Madonna of the 18th century.

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Since yesterday we had felt on a more ”modern” subject of interest, I wanted with you to come back on the performance that Madonna gave at the 1990 MTV awards. Maybe you remember on day 11 I think, when I compared Mme de Pompadour with her. As a matter of fact, they do have a lot in common.

They both started with nothing and became more rich than anybody can dream to be. They both used the best artists of their time and had both an incredible impact into art. Their commercialisation and success hold on their ability to keep the interest of others on them, by commercialise their own self as product of merchandising. They masteries the art of reinventing themselves and play with their image. And had build their empire with their sex appeal…

But I wonder If Madonna knew, when she decided to dress that way ( by the way, my lynx eye remarked, from the pattern of embroidery, that this dress was worn by Glenn Liaisons Dangereuses, it’s the same ) that not only the garment respond to a need of being attractive, it’s purpose being to excite sexually the other sex. And was also built and think….for sexual activity! Hmm didn’t I promise crusty facts?!!

A bit of me today, you can see a watercolour painting that I started about a decade ago. Yes, I don’t think three life time
would be enough to accomplish all the things I have in mind. If only hands were going as the same paste as the brain!

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11. Good Morning!

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Our little seamstress knock at the door, bend and wait at the porch to get introduced to THE LADY. It should had being something special for the girl, knowing not much more than poverty and famine, to suddenly inter a house so magnificent. At the entrance, paintings here and there are disposed and she’s looking at them with a strange mix of feeling, probably seeing a painting for the first time in her life. Is it fear, anger, amusement, admiration…melancholy that she experience watching them?

What is passing in her mind while waiting, when she past months holding, shaping and taking care of that one dress who could had fed her hole family for years. Is she envious or devoted? Does she thinks of pinching her client with the needle while stitching on her with that ”ho, sorry” thing, or simply trembles at the simple idea that it could happens?

In the anti-chamber, she could observe, while waiting, the valets going: this one, for example, bussy doing the hairs of the other, this other one take care to un-dust the curtains, that one is cleaning his shoes, but no attention given to her, simple seamstress, as they are to serve madame in every single tasks she ask from them, have no time to pay any respect to a simple childish girl.

This girl have to stitch, and fast, just next to the skin… and it’s the only thing she can think of right at the moment. What surrounds her right now is too extravagant for her eyes, to far from her universe to be able to understand it. She wait patiently, while all servants prepare the house before the raise of madame.

Our quest is hungry, since too busy to eat this morning, and suddently her stomack reminds her: woke up at 4, and went right away to her duty on that cold morning, nothing to eat in the house anyway. Chickens didn’t lay yet.

And she’s probably even grateful to have this rare job, and probably just wait to find husband to stop working for others and start working for him… And she knows there are so much more richer people then Madame in this world. Since that seamstress have to be there, it means also that Madame doesn’t have enough servants at her charge. Still, she’s rich enough to made her dress stitch on her, showing by that to her surrounding that she’s not self sufficient, already being an other visual sign of her position in society. She can be the bitch.

Our servant is invited to enter the room, heavy perfume fill the air, mixed with human skin smell in a room that doesn’t breathe enough, too cold outside, to hard to heat. The curtains are still closed, letting just some morning light passing trough. Atmosphere is heavy, air is heavy. There Madame stands with nothing more than her cotton shirt on, her body being visible trough the backlighting, waiting in the middle of the bedroom. They have nothing to say to each other. They are not from the same world. And this hole world apart being holding on only one thread…Money!

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The beginning of a journey!

François Boucher Mme de Pompadour, 1756

Greetings, dear freind and welcome!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Emmanuel Roy, which means a  »gift from god » in hebrew. My last name means  »king », Roy, in french. For a long time in my childhood, I taught I was an angel, accidently send back on heart by mistake, lol! And I always felt that my job here on earth was to help people by making this world look better, prettyer. It is what I’m good at.

As a profession, I’m a tailor, patern maker for theater and film industry. Did that with passion for many years and put a lot of time love and patience doing so. But, since I left touring with a show last year, and coudn’t find a job when I came back home. The theater scene is low and working by cotract is never secure. So I had an idea:

I taught of inviting you to a jerny trought time, plunging back in the 18th century and recreate a wardrobe of the period, having Madame de Pompadour as a client. With no cheeting and all by hand. I want to take you with me on this experience, to learn with me my passion for my work, a bit of myself, and all that I know about that particular segment of time, so rich of develloppement of all sorts, economic, demographic, artistic and on.

This blog will hopefully help me working on it everyday, and give a push to my creation. So day one, patern for a french corset 1745, here we go! Please note that everything you might real here is under the protection of the law of author rights. Any information, partial or total copies on what you might read in this bolg is passible of pursuit against it.

This blog is presented showing the latest articals at first so, if you want to start at the beginning with me, please go at the very bottom of the latest page to go back in time! Feel free to comment on anything you wish, under any article, and if you like what you read, please show your appreciation by voting for this blog at:

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