17. Madonna of the 18th century.

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Since yesterday we had felt on a more ”modern” subject of interest, I wanted with you to come back on the performance that Madonna gave at the 1990 MTV awards. Maybe you remember on day 11 I think, when I compared Mme de Pompadour with her. As a matter of fact, they do have a lot in common.

They both started with nothing and became more rich than anybody can dream to be. They both used the best artists of their time and had both an incredible impact into art. Their commercialisation and success hold on their ability to keep the interest of others on them, by commercialise their own self as product of merchandising. They masteries the art of reinventing themselves and play with their image. And had build their empire with their sex appeal…

But I wonder If Madonna knew, when she decided to dress that way ( by the way, my lynx eye remarked, from the pattern of embroidery, that this dress was worn by Glenn Liaisons Dangereuses, it’s the same ) that not only the garment respond to a need of being attractive, it’s purpose being to excite sexually the other sex. And was also built and think….for sexual activity! Hmm didn’t I promise crusty facts?!!

A bit of me today, you can see a watercolour painting that I started about a decade ago. Yes, I don’t think three life time
would be enough to accomplish all the things I have in mind. If only hands were going as the same paste as the brain!

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