The beginning of a journey!

François Boucher Mme de Pompadour, 1756

Greetings, dear freind and welcome!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Emmanuel Roy, which means a  »gift from god » in hebrew. My last name means  »king », Roy, in french. For a long time in my childhood, I taught I was an angel, accidently send back on heart by mistake, lol! And I always felt that my job here on earth was to help people by making this world look better, prettyer. It is what I’m good at.

As a profession, I’m a tailor, patern maker for theater and film industry. Did that with passion for many years and put a lot of time love and patience doing so. But, since I left touring with a show last year, and coudn’t find a job when I came back home. The theater scene is low and working by cotract is never secure. So I had an idea:

I taught of inviting you to a jerny trought time, plunging back in the 18th century and recreate a wardrobe of the period, having Madame de Pompadour as a client. With no cheeting and all by hand. I want to take you with me on this experience, to learn with me my passion for my work, a bit of myself, and all that I know about that particular segment of time, so rich of develloppement of all sorts, economic, demographic, artistic and on.

This blog will hopefully help me working on it everyday, and give a push to my creation. So day one, patern for a french corset 1745, here we go! Please note that everything you might real here is under the protection of the law of author rights. Any information, partial or total copies on what you might read in this bolg is passible of pursuit against it.

This blog is presented showing the latest articals at first so, if you want to start at the beginning with me, please go at the very bottom of the latest page to go back in time! Feel free to comment on anything you wish, under any article, and if you like what you read, please show your appreciation by voting for this blog at:

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