68. Le Salon De Venus.

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Roman Goddess of love and beauty, gifted with immense power, Venus was a fearsome divinity: she is more or less responsible of why there is something instead of nothing on hearth.

Venus’ name might embody the honors and gifts to the divine when seeking their favors: such acts can be interpreted as the seduction of gods by mortals. This function is, in the etymological relationship of the root, *venes- with Latin venenum (poison, venom), in the sense of a magic charm.

Venus can also be a fearsome divinity, as it often symbolizes the passion that nothing stop, making fools of those that love she wants to lose, she devastates even legitimate unions, pushing husband to adultery, promotes fertility in illegitimate love and encourages mortals to all pleasures as well as the vices.

The coronation of Venus by the Graces, a painting by R.A. Houasse, that we can see on the sealing of this magnificent room, is surrounded by notorious events on the life of the young king, are all treated in  »trompe l’oeil » and giving the aspect of being statues. This composition, among with the work given by Jacques Rousseau on the walls, painted courses and galleries of ancient palaces, with a representation of Meleager and Atalanta between the windows.

All being a mix between Roman and Greek influence combine with real events in the life of the monarch, like Alexander marring Roxanne making reference of the wedding of the king, while the centered statue representing the young Louis XIV (Jean Warin) in roman gowns, seem surrounded and protected by a shell. The king was about 30 years old when this portrait of him had being done, reflecting the beginning of his  »own » reign, not being anymore influenced by others.

The room (8.90 m x 7.38 m x 13.27 m) was created between 1677 and 1680, once again by Le Brun. The décor here being the most Baroque of all the rooms in the king’s apartments, it is also the room where everything seems to respond like if statues, architecture and sculptures are speaking together.

The Venus salon was destined, on  »soirs d’appartement » (evenings reserved to court use only), to serve a light dinner on great tables adorned with silver candlesticks, where pyramid of rare fruits were available, like oranges and lemon.

The lighting in the room consisted of two large chandeliers of silver and eight crystal chandeliers supported by gilded pedestal. Green velvet trimmed with gold adorned doors and stools. Columns and pilasters of the Ionic order, done in Rance marble, adorned the walls.

The  »Roi Soleil » lived there a brilliant life, being watched while eating by the goddess of love and all creation.

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